Fire & Mechanical Defect Inspections

These are areas of particular competence and speciality, having prepared thousands of technical reports on fire damaged vehicles or equipment, that have suffered some premature mechanical failure of some kind or an unexplained fire.

In relation to fire damage inspections and the defects which usually contribute to fires in all manner of vehicles, our inspections usually include a full evaluation of the fire scene, to determine the cause of the fire, be it of a design, manufacturing, operational or malicious nature, which also involves the collection of fire debris samples for later forensic evaluation.

In relation to mechanical defect inspections, we endeavour to determine the cause and attribute liability for a premature mechanical failure and determine whether a mechanical failure was a factor in the occurrence of an accident or not, when required. We always strive to give independent, unbiased technical advice and will assist your legal advisor in preparing a claim, when this is deemed appropriate.

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