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Nico for the F1 Title 2016

Nico for the F1 title 2016 !!!! There was something very unattractive about Hamilton's behaviour in Japan last weekend........    What a grown man is doing "playing" with a kids app at a press conference I will never know..!!!   what happened subsequently when he did...

Mum of girl who died in horror smash blasts NCT for passing ‘scrap car’

Irish Sun article that appeared after Paula Murphy, delivered her 6,000 signature petition to the RSA head offices, in Co. Mayo. http://www.thesun.ie/irishsol/homepage/news/7234618/Mum-of-girl-who-died-in-horror-smash-blasts-NCT-for-passing-scrap-car.html

My appearance on RTE Primetime investigates the NCT

This is a RTE primetime programme  investigating the NCT suspension testing regime.   Here is a link to the RTE player featuring the primetime programme

My interview with Neil Prenderville of Red FM

In this interview we are discussing the suspension testing at NCT.

Institute of Traffic Accident Investigation (Track Day Reconstructions)

Fantastic day of road accident reconstruction recently.......... the first video is of a pedestrian, struck by an ambulance, while braking to 40 kph...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an0QXZyIJmY This video is of a cyclist struck from behind by a car braking to 50...

My interview with PJ Coogan 96FM

This is a radio interview with PJ Coogan of 96FM in relation to Paula Murphy and her daughter's, Amanda, fatal accident and the NCT testing suspension testing regime.

NCT tests should not be taken as “gospel”…..

Irish Independant article following the broadcast of the Primetime programme critique on the NCT suspension testing regimen. http://campus.ie/surviving-college/nct-should-not-be-taken-gospel-says-leading-car-assessor

Cat. “B-Write-offs” …….. my appearance on RTE Primetime investigates programme.

RTE Primetime investigates Category "B" write offs being imported into Ireland from other jurisdictions and finding their way back onto the roads here in Ireland, despite the fact that such vehicles should be scrapped....

Alleged Car theft/coded keys

This was an interesting case where a theft of the car, without the key, was alleged. http://www.donegaldaily.com/tag/kathleen-mcdonagh/