Nico for the F1 title 2016 !!!!

There was something very unattractive about Hamilton’s behaviour in Japan last weekend……..    What a grown man is doing “playing” with a kids app at a press conference I will never know..!!!   what happened subsequently when he did not like the reaction to his silly behaviour, was even worse and more bizarre ……..what is particularly sickening is that week after week its the same old nonsense from him about the team and how great they are and when they did actually win their third world championship last weekend, where was Hamilton ???    running off and not taking a fulsome part in the celebrations   !!!!   Pathetic……..I was never a fan of his and I am even more prejudiced against him now…..

Nico was my prediction at the start of the season for the Word Championship this year and so it will now come to pass….!!!      Hamilton has lost the plot in my opinion……